Philadelphia-based Houwzer switches from RealScout to Zenlist after seeking a more user-friendly platform

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The Brokerage: Houwzer, a Philadelphia-based brokerage with 48 salary-based agents across 7 markets is focused on providing clients with top tier technology and a full service experience. 

The Situation: Houwzer's previous platform, RealScout, was not meeting the demands of the team. They needed a platform that was more user friendly for both agents & clients, allowed for better collaboration & communication, and put listings into the hands of their clients faster. Zenlist allowed Houwzer to beta test the platform during an extended free trial, and the testing agents determined that Zenlist was a better fit than RealScout from this perspective. Zenlist's full-featured mobile app, intuitive design, in-app chat, market notifications, ability to add co-buyers, and team functionality was exactly what Houwzer was previously lacking.

Since Houwzer operates a salaried-agent model, it was important for them to have all of their agents working in the same platform. Although most of Houwzer’s agents are based in Philadelphia, they also support a smaller group of agents operating out of Central Florida. While Zenlist already serviced the Philadelphia market via Bright MLS, Zenlist was able to quickly integrate data from Stellar MLS in Florida to accommodate both Philly & Florida based agents in the same capacity.

The leadership team at Houwzer was especially concerned about how difficult or complicated it would be to transition all of their agents and their clients off of RealScout and onto Zenlist. Their main concern was avoiding disruption to their clients, while also limiting the time investment required by their agents to make the switch. Zenlist offered a “transfer service”, taking on the grunt work of moving active clients and all of their saved searches from RealScout into Zenlist.

The overall upgrade in technology streamlined Houwzer agents' work and saved them time, which could now be reallocated to prospecting new clients.

The Process: Once Houwzer signed on with Zenlist, the Zenlist support team hosted a series of webinar trainings while offering one-on-one trainings for agents in need of more assistance through the transition. Additionally Zenlist transferred clients and saved searches on their behalf from RealScout to Zenlist. The transition was seamless with no interruption to current clients and necessitated only a 30 minute investment in time for the agents to attend a training session. Within less than a month after the final Zenlist agent transition training, 75% of Houwzer agents were actively using Zenlist with an average of 9 active buyer clients each.

zenlist app collaboration
Agents needed a platform that allowed them to not only communicate in real time with clients, but also to share their  clients with other agents at Houwzer. Zenlist allows Houwzer agents to set up co-agents so teams can easily work together no matter where they're located or who is away  on vacation.
zenlist app intuitive UI
Intuitive UI
Houwzer's previous software was clunky and struggled to get client engagement. Zenlist's thoughtfully designed mobile app makes it easy for both agents and clients to get started on their home search right away.
zenlist app market notifications
Speed & Accuracy
Getting listings to their clients quickly with accurate information was extremely important to the Houwzer agents. Zenlist's chat function and market notifications ensures their clients are the first to see new listings and are up to date on any market changes.

What their agents are saying...

"It's very intuitive so I was able to pick it up really quickly."
Scott Hicks headshot
Scott Hicks
Buyer Specialist
"The chat feature within Zenlist that I feel like I probably can’t live without. More than anything, communication in real estate is the most important thing."
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Michael DeFiore
Senior Agent
"Using Zenlist I can narrow down people who are more serious buyers and people who are just window shopping."
Kevin Fan headshot
Kevin Fan
Buyer Specialist