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That want to offer their members a choice and implement a backup plan

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MLS mobile app

Mobile-first technology that provides an all-in-one MLS solution for search, client collaboration, listing management and more
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Front end of choice

Empower your members by offering a diverse array of top-tier tools that cater to their unique needs
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Backup backend

Create an added layer of security to protect data and minimize interruptions in service

Case Study

Tech forward MLS, San Francisco Association of REALTORS®, was seeking a mobile first MLS solution as a result of increasing feedback from its members. In May 2023, SFAR MLS launched its first all-in-one MLS mobile solution with Zenlist for all of their members.
SFAR MLS case study

Don’t take our word for it

"This partnership is a direct response to our members telling us that this is not only what they want, it is what they need, and what their clients are demanding."
Damon Knox headshot
Damon Knox
2023 President, San Francisco Association of REALTORS®
"They are in tune to what the MLS and the agents and the brokers need."
Hud Bixler headshot
Hud Bixler
MLS Director, San Francisco Association of REALTORS®
“This is really your MLS in your hand tool that you’re going to be able to use on mobile devices that’s going to take you into the future..."
Jay Peppers-Martens headshot
Jay Peppers-Martens
CTO, San Francisco Association of REALTORS®